Hope for the Future

Can we, the Human Race, survive and overcome our instinctive self destructiveness and inborn negativity?

     What would it take for us to do so? First I believe we would need to recognize that within all of us, exists an attachment to Ego, a selfish, self serving and self interested part of us. And, that this Ego at times, more evident within some of us than others, contains wants and desires that become a cause for a lack of interconnectedness. This develops into a habit of seeing ourselves as separate, more important, or of greater value than others, which in turn causes us to see our world as a population of six and a half billion individuals, as opposed to a collection of six and a half billion elements of the one, same thing. But what if we were to see individuals as much the same way we see fingers of the hand or tentacles of the octopus? If we would consider ourselves instruments to be used for the greater good, what achievements could we expect then? If we could cultivate the ability to blur the borders of each nation, each race, every spiritual path, do you think there is anything we could not accomplish or overcome? Suppose we pooled all of our resources, such as our financial, intellectual, natural and technological for instance, what could we then create, or cure?

      I see a world where we all come together to combat diseases. Where every nation contributes, and ultimately find a cure for AIDS, cancer, heart disease, etc. Where we all work together to find a way, by sharing all that is available to us, to eliminate homelessness and starvation. This is not some unrealistic utopia I suggest. It just seems so clear to me, that this is an extremely reachable goal, only requiring cooperation driven by the shared needs of all humankind. I can easily see us combining all of our talents to clean up the air and the oceans. We would have huge, multicultural organizations that, in time of emergency, are at the ready to bring aid and assistance to earthquake, hurricane, tsunami and all natural disaster victims. We clearly need to bechallenged as human beings, but why can’t that challenge be these things I describe and not each other? Isn’t that the world we were truly destined to inhabit?

      My greatest fear is that perhaps we really don’t want to reach that goal. That perhaps we, in fact, thrive on some content of divisiveness and negativity. It just seems so simple to me that if we truly do not wish to live with the threat of war and prejudice, we could easily find methods to compromise with each other, rather than fight for material possessions, that we intuitively know are all temporary. Why do we cling to such things, rather than strive for the deeper connections that lead to joy and love? What exists within us that draws us towards violence or negative newspaper headlines for instance, or photographs? Happy news doesn’t sell well. Why? Does peacefulness breed a type of complacency that flies in the face of our human nature and it’s drive? Do we truly need those types of challenges in our lives to give us purpose and the feeling of being truly alive?

     What would that world look like? Imagine living with nothing but hatred and selfishness. Jealousy, lawlessness, and a total lack of compassion. Where we constantly fight over belongings, land and money. Where our only concerns are ourselves and our own needs. A world where the most valuable commodities are weapons to protect us from those who wish us harm, and desire our possessions. A human race constantly battling someone or something, leaving us no time or desire to help anyone else. Everyday would be an absolute nightmare! Only the cruel, violent and morally bankrupt would survive in a world such as this.

      Of the two worlds I described, which is the one we are closest to currently living in? I believe it is the former, and for that reason it seems evident that that is the scenario we prefer, and are in fact striving for. Yes, we will have to still go to battle. But this way, the battle will be against our true enemy, not ourselves, but the inclination for unwholesome and unskillful behavior within ourselves. In the ultimate battle of good and evil, isn’t it the element which we all agree is evil, what we should be confronting and struggling against?

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